ISO Certified mould

ISO Certified mould


A certified mould is used to produce predetermined ISO test samples from various raw materials.

The modular system allows swift changes between geometries.

Testing procedure: 

The test samples are produced by means of injection moulding according to the client's specifications or datasheets of the material.

It is also possible to measure the mould pressure and temperature.

Testing applications: 

Production of test samples:

  • Samples type 1A (ISO 3167) for:
    • tensile testing (according to ISO 527)
    • impact test
    • deflection test
    • HDT
    • VST
    • hardness, creep...
  • Samples type V for tensile testing according to ASTMD 638
  • Flat samples:
    • dimensions 60 x 60 mm
    • thickness: 1 mm
Testing PDF: 


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