The world's biggest composite floodgates in Tilburg

Composite is a durable/sustainable, lightweight fibre-reinforced plastic that needs little maintenance.

The use of composite floodgates is a common decision of the province of North-Brabant and the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat and has been commissioned to the constructors of sluice III: Heijmans/Boskalis. The composite floodgates have approximately the same weight as water. This leads to minimal friction for the henges, leading in its turn to less wear. The new floodgates will outlive conventional floodgates two to three times. 

On October 10, 2015 the first floodgates of 5m high and 6.2m wide were installed.

The world's biggest composite floodgates

At the beginning of January, the floodgates at the other side of Sluice III have been installed. With a width of 6.20m and heigth of 12,5m, they are the world's biggest composite floodgates today. Thanks to their dimensions and capacity to control a waterlevel of maximum 7.90m, sluice III is a unique project in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. The floodgates have been developed in collaboration with the Dutch company FiberCore Europe. Hillebrand has mounted the doors.



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