16 juin

Upcoming fair! Kunststoffen 2017


27 and 28 september 2017
9.30 - 17.00 h

07 avr

Dutchfiets made from recycled plastics

In the Netherlands, people love to cycle. In fact, there are more bicycles than people around.
05 jan

Catalisti gelanceerd

De officiële start van de speerpuntcluster chemie en kunststoffen is een feit onder de nieuwe naam Catalisti.

14 nov

Accorder plus de valeur aux déchets d'emballage

Interview avec Wim Grymonprez publié sur le site web de 

21 avr

Soupe de plastique

OVAM and the Flemish department for Environment, Nature and Energy (LNE, Milieuzorg Op School) have published a video on plastic litter in oceans t


VKC-CENTEXBEL is a competence centre assisting the industry in all aspects related to plastic processing, including materials, compounding and recycling.

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